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Care of your Victorian Tile Care: Sweep or vacuum your Victorian tile floors often. Dirt collecting carpet mats should be placed in frequently used entrances and shaked out weekly. Floors will only need an occasional mop over every 2 weeks or so with just plain water. We do not recommend the use of floor waxes as they can be difficult to remove from ceramic tile floors

Victorian Tiled Floors are commonly found in the reception areas of older buildings, especially in hallways. We often find that the beauty of these tiles are hidden under years of grime and neglect, however all is not lost they can be restored, so your property can ones again have the WOW factor when you open the door.


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Why we after the right company to look after your stone or tile floors?

Our Sister site Floorcare Restorations showcases all our Stone Floors work here is why we are right for you.

  • All work is Surveyed and quoted face to face  this is specialised work and you should make sure it is examined before it is priced for.
  • If required a clean a sample patch to show expected results during FREE Survey.
  • Our Team come equipped with several pieces of specialists cleaning equipment that get the finish you would like on your floor
  • Great care and sue consideration will be taken whilst we are in your property to protect the areas that are not being worked on.
  • At the end of the job, you will be given a complimentary bottle of professional standard, easy to dilute neutral floor cleaner to keep your floor in great condition with a written floorcare plan.
  • All of our work is guaranteed.


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Services include:
 Stone & Tile Cleaning, Stone & Tile Sealing
Grout Cleaning & Sealing, Grout Colouring
Terracotta & Quarry Tile Re-sealing
Granite & Marble Polishing
Porcelain Clean & Seal, Victorian Tile Restoration Specialists

Clients include:

Residential Property

Bars & Nightclubs




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Full FREE Surveys and Quotes on All Stone and Tile Floors are Required, a Demo or Test patch may be required also to show what can be achieved.


Tile cleaning, stone cleaning, grout cleaning and tile, stone and grout sealing of all Floors.