All the specialist equipment and knowledge to clean your rug with care

The most thorough Rug Cleaning process you have ever seen......

Step by step Rug cleaning,

Every oriental rug is unique and your rug will be cleaned the with the most suitable method for its age, type of dye and fibres used.

  • Prepare the Rug. First, thoroughly vacuum the rug on both sides to remove any loose dirt.
  • Test for Colorfastness.
  • Wash. ...
  • Rinse. ...
  • Remove Excess Water. ...
  • Dry. ...
  • Inspect rug
  • All the work carried out on your rugs will be done with water and specially formulated shampoo for cleaning rugs are used to ensure the gentlest and most effective cleaning.
  • Drying is done without the use of excessive heat in our workshop and DRY before they are handed back to you..

Have your fine rug professionally cleaned at our workshop specialist Rug Cleaning like no other.

Pickup and Delivery
Specialist treatments for Moths
Protections against Spills

Cleanig takes out the fine grit in the fibres that can breakdown the construction of the rug and affect the lifespan of it.

With prices available from as little as £35.00 there has been no better time to get your rug cleaned by a professional. We clean all types and sizes of rugs and offer our services at competitive and affordable

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